Devotional - Guilherme Kerr
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” In the beginning God…”  first words of the first book of the Bible.

” In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God and the Word WAS God…” first words of John, a disciple of Messiah reacting to his own interactions with Him.

It does amaze me that Word and Spirit are so interchangeable. The book of beginnings, the book of Genesis, the reports of Creation start by declaring God. He is. He exists. He hovers in Spiritual form over the face of the earth,  unafraid and unmoved by darkness and chaos. Father and Spirit in purposeful harmony. And then they speak – the word of God according to the intent of God breaks over the sounds of dissaray: ” Let there be LIGHT!”

The Father and the Spirit release their will in the Word. They release their power through the Word. And the harmony and unity of the three – Father / Spirit / Word brings to pass the desire of their heart.

John picks up the theme of Genesis and the song of Creation as he starts his response to the Son of God – he is the primal Word, the LOGOS, the mediator of all created order. He is also the Light that shatters darkness and chaos. Old and New Testament find their synthesis in Jesus. Creation and redemption kiss each other. God is one. Word and Spirit are one. The heart of the Father is the heart of the Son by the intent of the Spirit. This is as foundational as can be – all other revelation hangs on this one. And it is just the beginning.