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your identity

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life abundantly

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your destiny

Family, Friends and Fun

Here I will talk about things that makes me happy:

Family photos, excerpts from trips and other journeys, quotes from books I enjoy, even a page for Sandra with recipes and magic last minute tips for your cooking needs. Probably show off about my kids and grandkids. My organic gardening in-roads may show up, my love for music, for teaching, reading, fishing and playing chess. And whatever else the winds may bring...

My Creative Journey

Here I want to plant some seeds from the things I have been learning from my creative Papa - things that have to do with word and worship, presence and power, intimacy and identity. It took me quite a while, decades to be sure, to understand and be encouraged by the beauty and richness of His kindness towards me and to embrace all the creativity I carry just for being a son of the Creator. Now I am learning it is part of my DNA and who he created me to be and to become.